Recovery that keeps you at the center, wherever you are.

Halcyon Health is an integrated, evidence-based SUD program focused on long-term care.

If you have cancer, you get treatment... somehow people with addiction have to wait for treatment or often can't get it when they need it.

Michael Botticelli

Former Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy

Halcyon is integrated care that starts at a vital moment.

2.7 million

Visits to ED for substance use in 2011 2

ED admission alert

When a patient is admitted to the ED and is suspected of having SUD, we send an automated EMR alert.

ED assessment

The patient is assessed for SUD and is linked to a member of our care team for onboarding. If necessary, MAT is initiated.

Plan development

In-person or remotely, we work with the patient to understand biopsychosocial needs to develop a post-discharge plan.

Coach assignment

A peer recovery coach is assigned to the patient to work with them in following their care plan and addressing obstacles.

Treatment coordination

With consent, our care coordinator will refer the patient into outpatient care with vetted network providers.

Post-discharge management

We will collaborate with providers and engage the patient to assist in addressing their needs as they build recovery capital.

A personalized pocket care plan.

Mental health

Addressing any underlying mental health issues and concerns

Overall Well-Being

Addressing all aspects of well-being on an individual level

Physical health

Assessing any chronic conditions and developing a plan for healthier living

Social Connection

Identifying & fostering interpersonal relationships

Coping skills

Identifying underlying triggers and developing healthy coping skills


Addressing roadblocks to recovery like personal & familial relationships

To truly give people with addictions “a chance”...  we have a responsibility to provide systems of care and continued support

William White

Renowned writer & researcher on addiction treatment, recovery, and policy

Let's work, together.

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A team deeply experienced in healthcare & technology.

Andrew Bryk, MPH

Prior to Halcyon Health, Andrew was an early product manager at Quartet Health. He holds an MPH from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

James Cardamone
Certified Peer Recovery Coach

Prior to Halcyon, James in Enterprise Sales at Splash. He struggled with addiction and anxiety most of his life and is now dedicated to using his experience and training to help others. He is also working on his MSW.

Matt DeMasi
Director of Care Delivery

Prior to Halcyon Health, Matt was the Program Lead for Substance Use Initiatives at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. He holds an MA in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University.‍

Kalyn Krivacek
Visual Designer

Prior to Halcyon Health, Kalyn spent over 8 years designing for small businesses and non-profits as a freelance and agency designer. She’s dedicated to using her background in design and psychology in order to help others and bring meaningful impact to the health industry.

Josh Nussbaum
Co-founder and CEO

Prior to Halcyon Health, Josh spent over 7 years as an seed stage VC, most recently as a General Partner at Compound. He sat on the boards of Zipdrug and Boost Biomes and currently sits on the BOD of Betterview.

Chris Stokes, CADC-I
Certified Peer Recovery Coach

Prior to Halcyon Health, Chris spent over 3 years as a Peer Recovery Support Specialist at RHA Health Services in North Carolina. She is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor as well as a Certified Peer Support Specialist in the state of North Carolina.

Ryan Weald
Head of Engineering

Prior to Halcyon, Ryan spent 6 years building digital mental health products at Lantern and Omada Health. He also cofounded All Mental Health, a technology focused nonprofit.‍

Emily Yancey
Partnerships Lead

Prior to Halcyon Health, Emily worked to address the SDoH while helping to grow a virtual care delivery platform at Cityblock. She holds a BS in Psychology from the University of Central Florida.

Eric Bailly
Business Solutions Director
Benjamin Bearnot, MD, MPH, FASAM
David Best, PhD
Professor, Author, Researcher
James Chaukos
Co-Founder & CFO
Nicholas Gavin, MD, MBA, MS
Vice Chair, Clinical Ops, Emergency Medicine
Isaac Kastenbaum
Managing Director
Kay Nikiforova
Former Head of Behavioral Health
Jeff Rubin, MA, MS, EdD
Former VP, Clinical Operations
Suchi Saria
Director, ML and Healthcare Lab
Benjamin Schnapp, MD, MED
Associate Residency Dir., Emergency Medicine
Alan Spiro
Former SVP & Chief Medical Officer
Martha Temple
Former CEO
Shelly Weizman
Associate Director, Addiction & Public Policy