Getting started

Can I speak to someone before registering?

Yes of course! You can call or text our team at 617-812-4432 and we will be happy to answer any questions. You can also email us at contact@halcyonhealth.co with any questions

How long will the program take?

There is no set time to your Halcyon experience. We know that every person is unique and we'll be there for you for as long as you need us to be.

What is Halcyon Health?

Halcyon Health is a fully comprehensive, app-based Virtual Substance Use Disorder (SUD) program designed to treat the “whole-person” and focused on long-term chronic disease management.

How does Halcyon work?

Once you sign up, our care coordinator will schedule your initial consult to understand your history and recovery goals. If you are a fit for the MAT program, the care coordinator will set up time within 24 hours for you to meet with a Halcyon Medical provider to discuss medications. Additionally, you will be matched to a certified peer recovery coach. You will work with your Halcyon care team to achieve your recovery goals through our application via chat, video, and in-app exercises and content

General inquiries

Does Halcyon focus on a specific substance?

Halcyon is open to individuals no matter the substance being used. Halcyon Health embraces a harm reduction approach and whether you want to reduce your use, eliminate some substances but not others, or stop entirely, we will personalize your treatment and recovery goals to your needs

The technology

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Payment & insurance

What is Halcyon Health’s cancellation policy?

You can cancel your Halcyon subscription at anytime by reaching out to Halcyon support in your app settings tab

How often will I be billed?

As a subscription service program, you will receive a monthly invoice

Does Halcyon take insurance?

Halcyon Health currently accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts along with Self-Pay. Halcyon Health is in the process of credentialing with additional insurance plans

What does Halcyon cost?

Halcyon costs $175 a month and includes unlimited messaging, video visits, 24/7 access to customized videos, modules, and surveys, medication management, and a Care Team consisting of a Board-Certified Addiction Medicine Physician, Pharmacist, Clinical Care Navigator, and Certified Peer Recovery Coach.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program

What happens if I miss a visit? Can I still get my medication?

Yes, Halcyon knows how important these medications are and we will work to make sure you continue to have access to them.

How do I get my medication?

Your Halcyon care provider will write you a prescription to get your medication at your local pharmacy or delivered to you.

What medications are prescribed to treat substance use?

Some medications commonly used in the Halcyon program include Buprenorphine (also known as Suboxone), and Naltrexone. We closely monitor dosages and work with you to find the lowest dose that is effective for helping you maintain your recovery.

The care team

How do I communicate with my Halcyon Care team?

Halcyon Health offers around the clock live chat in our app. Additionally, you can set up calls and video sessions through the app with any member of your Care team

Who is a part of the Halcyon Care Team?

The Halcyon Care team consists of Certified Peer Recovery Coaches, Licensed Social Work Care Navigators, Medical Providers, and a pharmacist.

Peer support

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Care coordination

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For providers

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