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Chris Stokes, CADC-I
Certified Peer Recovery Coach
Alba Gomez
Clinical Care Navigator
Matt DeMasi
Director of Care Delivery
James Cardamone
Certified Peer Recovery Coach

Our certified Care team

We’re real people, with  real stories

Our care team leverages formal training and expertise, personal experience and intrinsic understandings of the addiction systems of care and recovery to guide each of our members on their journey towards lasting recovery.

Meet the Care Team

On-demand care and coaching

Personalized care tailored to your needs

Each member has their own personalized recovery plan based on your preferences, strengths, weaknesses and needs. No two members will ever have the same recovery plan because it’s designed around who you are as an individual.

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Overall well-being

We're addressing all aspects of your well-being on an individual level.

Mental health

We take care to address any underlying mental health issues and concerns.

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Social connection

We help you identify & foster your interpersonal relationships.

Physical Health

We'll help assess any chronic conditions and develop a plan for healthier living.

Halcyon has filled in this gap I didn’t know that I really had. It’s really been filling a lot of needs I’ve had maintaining long-term sobriety. 

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