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Why Halcyon?


Personalized care at a fraction of the cost of traditional treatment.

24/7 Access

Around the clock access to your entire care team.

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Confidential & Private

Entirely online, from the privacy of your own home.

Evidence-based Care

FDA-approved medications (Suboxone, Naltrexone) available same day, combined with Peer Recovery Support, is clinically proven as the best path to recovery.

What to expect

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Personalized Treatment Plan

Each member has their own personalized recovery plan based on your preferences, strengths, weaknesses and needs. No two members will ever have the same recovery plan because it’s designed around who you are as an individual.

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MEdication Management*

We offer same day FDA-approved medications to help you manage your drinking. Whether you're interested in abstinence or moderation, you and your dedicated physician will work together to decide if medications are right for you.

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Certified Peer Recovery Coaching

We pair you with a certified recovery coach that has both personal experience with addiction similar to yours and formal training who will work with you to build your recovery program to achieve your goals.

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Substance use is often an attempt to cope with unwanted thoughts and emotions. Halcyon Therapy provides a nonjudgmental space for members that is trauma-informed, strengths-based, and tailored to support them on their individual journey.

*Currently only available in Massachusetts
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86% of members reported significant progress towards achieving their goals after 90 days.

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Traditional Care
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Halcyon Care
Personalized treatment program at a fraction of the cost of traditional treatment
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FDA-approved medications available same day
Zero wait time with same day appointments, 7 days a week
Unlimited 24/7 access to your care team, from the comfort of your home
Catharina Armstrong

Medical management

Your Halcyon physician

Dr. Armstrong is board-certified in Addiction Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Infectious Diseases. She is also an Assistant Professor at Tufts School of Medicine and the Associate Director of the Newton-Wellesley Hospital Substance Use Services. When you become a Halcyon member, you will work directly with Dr. Catharina Armstrong to manage your medications and ongoing care.

We’ve been in your shoes

James Cardamone

James Cardamone

Certified Peer Recovery Coach
Drugs and Alcohol affected everything from my job, to my relationships and golf game. I eventually found my path to recovery and now want to help you do the same.
Alba Gomez

Alba Gomez

Clinical Care Coordinator
I lost my brother to alcoholism. It was something that no one talked about. Sometimes asking for help early on can feel intimidating, but things can get better, I'm here to help you take that first step
Chris Stokes

Chris Stokes

Certified Peer Recovery Coach
Being a mom is tough. Sometimes wine with the girls feels right. And sometimes it doesn't. I've been there myself. I'm here to help you find your strength and achieve your goals.

Halcyon has filled in this gap I didn’t know that I really had. It’s really been filling a lot of needs I’ve had maintaining long-term sobriety. 

Verified Halcyon Member

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